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Payroll outsourcing services

In the current economic environment, more companies are switching to outsource their payroll function as it is more economic than hiring trained staff or investing and maintaining expensive software. We provide a highly confidential payroll service. Our experts in local employment and tax regulations, provide accurate reporting of payroll, tax and social insurance breakdowns. In addition, payments instructions may be arranged for timely payments. A full list of our outsource payroll services include:

Management reporting
Maintenance of payroll records
Special calculations:
         Bonus, commission and overtime payments
         Pension and court order deductions and payments
         Maternity and sickness regulations compliance
Social security declarations
Payment instructions
Monthly or weekly sealed payslips or ePayslips
Wage tax returns - end of year
Liaison with the local fiscal, tax and state employment authorities
Online account registration with local tax authorities site

Bouloukos Services, is based in Athens Greece.

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